Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chicago Gourmet

Last weekend we went to Chicago to visit Cupcake, and sample food & wine at the excellent Chicago Gourmet. I knew we were in for a good time when they handed me a wine glass on the way in. From that point, until we left at five hours later, it was non stop tasting and "tasting".

Great location—Millenium Park

I looks like a burger, but it's an itty bitty bite sized steak

Scallop and corn salsa

Braised short ribs (like butta)

Waiting for the delicious... the lines were short and fast

More meaty goodness. Note to the organizers, more veggies next year please

At this point we couldn't stop eating, I had to eat it... they gave it to me!

This was the only thing I didn't like... it was a panna cotta of weirdness. If it were on a menu it would be called "Mouth Surprise"

Not sure what this was. I see some meat and other things.

This was dessert part 1

This was what happened when the green dessert jumped off my plate, landed face first and slid down my shirt. Alcohol had nothing to do with this incident.

Nice view. I could hang out here every weekend eating and drinking

The best thing the day after a gourmet bender—Mimosa's and mexican breakfast

Side of bacon, side of heaven

Dessert cupcakes

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