Friday, June 12, 2009


I recently had a craving for an iced coffee, but I couldn't think of anywhere in the workbourhood to get one. My first attempt was Star*ucks where I accidentally ordered a chocolate-mocha-milkshake—too sweet. Next I tried Hank's—too much ice, and no room for cream. Finally, my old favorite Pasta Mia at the Market—perfect! A double espresso over ice. If you don't like extra water, don't forget to ask them to hold it... otherwise you'll get a double long espresso over ice... not bad, but not as strong.




i spy the ring! you went without moi ;(

Prosecco said...

I know! You weren't here on Friday, but the ring is a shout-out to you, dahling!

lily kookla said...

I LOVE Pasta Mia! And I have had that exact beverage it was just the pick-me-up I needed after schlepping a bunch of props around. And, now I want one again!
Can a person have too many espresso drinks - really?

Prosecco said...

Lynda, Pasta Mia's got the best coffee in the hood! I'm already looking forward to my Friday afternoon bevy tomorrow.