Sunday, May 10, 2009

MysteryMeal™ #2 – Revealed

I totally forgot to post another MysteryMeal™... until today! I'll give you one hint: it's what you eat when you're judgment has been "clouded".

**UPDATE** Congratulations Scampi! Poutine is correct! I think I made that one too easy by admitting we were judgement impaired at the time. Thanks to the Lakeview Lunch for providing an inappropriate late night meal.


Prosecco said...

Oh yah… I so know what this is because I ate that with you!

Scampi said...

We're going over the border to Canada for some french fries and gravy, sir.

"Almost made it."

It's Poutine!

Cupcake said...

Does "clouded" = one too many cocktails in Canadian?